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Teleperformance Philippines' Customer Journey Showroom

Technology has changed the way we communicate. Mobile devices and social media help us stay in touch whenever and wherever we want. For businesses, this revolution has presented a particular challenge. Now, customers choose how they want to interact with brands and companies. They can select not only the mode of communication, but also the time and place. This reality has altered traditional customer experiences, making them non-linear and more dynamic.

When we look at responses to “how willing are customers to recommend their brand,” companies that offer eight or more channels have advocacy scores that are 62% higher when compared to those who only use four channels.

While voice communication continues to be the preference, the use of digital channels has increased over the last three years, denoting the growing importance of companies adopting an omnichannel strategy for their customers.  

Teleperformance Philippines' Customer Journey Showroom

In 2016, Teleperformance in the Philippines introduced the Customer Journey Showroom, a state-of-the-art facility to demonstrate how best to deliver world-class omnichannel experiences. The objective is to provide first-hand experiences to existing clients and prospects on how we can support their digital transformation strategy by leveraging our products, solutions and technology.

Since its launch on November 30, 2016 through September 2017, Teleperformance in the Philippines has hosted successful client demonstrations at the Customer Journey Showroom located in the Taguig City business site. There were four elements to each presentation to engage clients and prospects.

1. Market insights and business intelligence specific to the client’s industry

Each presentation allowed us to share targeted business intelligence on channel preferences and customer behavior based on the 2016 CX Lab Survey. The scope of the survey allowed our clients to benchmark themselves across similar companies within their industry to better understand how customers want to interact with their brands.

2. Vertical-specific demonstrations

The demonstration showed how customers interacted across different channels. Our guests were able to see customer, agent and supervisor screens, making it possible for them to have an end-to-end observation of the customer engagement.

3. TP Client

The key to a seamless omnichannel experience is the ability to retain context so that customers do not have to repeat themselves each time they contact their companies. This is a critical functionality built into the TP Client customer relationship management tool.

4. TP Observer

A demonstration of an all-in-one platform that makes it easier for supervisor to drive productivity and quality, with functionalities ranging from queue visibility and management, interaction monitors and reviews, automated audits, and reporting.

This approach allowed us to have more targeted discussions with our clients, helping us gain credibility and trust as a partner that can contribute to their overall strategy.

Case study: Value for a global appliance and electronics company

Teleperformance Philippines' Customer Journey Showroom   Teleperformance Philippines' Customer Journey Showroom

Early in 2017, the Customer Journey Showroom played host to a global appliance and electronics company which was looking to improve its brand image and advocacy scores. The client visit to the customer journey showroom did not end with a demonstration. Teleperformance also conducted a workshop that brought together the contact center, service center owners, and the client leadership and support teams to discuss the end-to-end customer experience – from the first interaction all the way to endorsements of the service center.

It was the first-of-its-kind session for the global appliance and electronics company. The client appreciated the value that the Customer Journey Showroom presented to help break the silos, optimize the customer journey, and reduce customer effort. This activity was so well received by the client that they expanded their business in the Philippines and added 20% FTEs to the existing footprint, and expanded to the chat channel.

The Customer Journey Showroom wows potential customers

The world is changing and our clients are facing bigger challenges as they try to balance customer experience, cost to serve and customer lifetime value. The right omnichannel strategy will enable them to win across these three fronts.

A visit to the Customer Journey Showroom will help set the right direction to present our omnichannel solutions. It opens the door for the next conversation on how we tailor the best of what Teleperformance has to offer to support companies looking to evolve their omnichannel strategy.

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