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A High-tech, High-touch Rewarding Experience for Hotel Guests

By Eddie Ramer, Vice President for Client Operations

When was the last time you stayed in a hotel and said, “I love this place! I’ll stay here again next time”? Having a hard time remembering one? It’s understandable as there are many choices in today’s market.  The key to being successful in the hospitality industry is to make guests feel at home. To anticipate their needs and truly show that they are being cared for before, during and after their stay.

For executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone needing a place to rejuvenate away from home, choosing the right hotel can be an added challenge. There are, however, a lot of really good hotels to choose from, as people always point out. And therein lies the unique dilemma that faces the players in this industry.

The plethora of hotels, each with its own premium offer, makes it harder to choose. Many people save themselves the trouble by simply googling the highest rated hotel in the area, only to find themselves disappointed and wanting to move to another choice.

This may be because beyond the professional smiles, the fine dining, the “ultra fast” wi-fi, the touchless, intelligent, automatic bathroom amenities, and other premium perks, frequent travelers realize that ratings and all those bells and whistles promotions may not bring that feeling of being at home that brings people back to the same property. More and more it’s becoming the people and technologies that the guests interact with that makes the difference.

The big idea is that the best experiences need not be luxurious (although they are highly appreciated). What they need to make people feel is happy, welcome and appreciated — the best places to stay are not necessarily the most expensive, but they are the ones that make guests feel comfortable and cared for. Those that are able to demonstrate that a guest is a person that matters to the hotel. It is those memorable, warm, and intuitive interactions that make the difference.

The word “hotel,” in fact, originally describes a place providing visitors with care rather than a place to stay. And you will agree that the best hotels are also the best care providers. They are approachable, easy to deal with, and accommodating. These are the reasons why some people choose to stay again and again and call them their favorite hotels.

Today’s technology and mobile gadgets greatly help in giving everyone access to information on the best hotel experience. Hotel brands and Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) have taken advantage of digital technology by employing apps and online services. With apps, people can easily and quickly book reservations, pay fees, check-in, and give feedback anytime, anywhere such that the brand experience begins even before the guest arrives at the doorstep.

In this age of social networking sites, hotels have their own pages complete with web chat features to address guest concerns and needs right away. Hotels can also incorporate Rewards Programs that can improve brand loyalty. More importantly, for the guest, hotels add a level of personalization that is historically unmatched. 

All these become possible through dedicated teams that ensure each of the engagement channels generates positive guest interactions. Happy guests become loyal patrons who, by word of mouth, become enthusiastic brand advocates.

Aside from the efficient and reliable back end technological solutions, key to success for such programs is the quality of the team managing these interactions – they must have the same heart for customers as the brand. They must share the same values, consistent performance, and the same dedication to making customers happy.

There is wisdom in learning to balance technology and the human touch, as pointed out by the Harvard Business Review Analytic Services in its white paper titled Gaining Competitive Advantage through Human Interaction. “All the talk right now is about artificial intelligence, robotics, and providing self-service so customers don’t have to talk to a human,” says Scott Horace, senior vice president in charge of global call centers at MasterCard. “That is where people are focusing. But businesses are also realizing the need for human interaction in order to make customer experiences competitive.” Human interaction is required for a guest to feel welcome and comfortable in any situation.

A dedicated team that ensures that every hotel’s service engagement channel generates positive guest interactions – this is what Teleperformance provides. TP draws strength from its expert team of passionate individuals committed to deliver excellent customer experience at every single opportunity through its seamless, top-of-the-line omnichannel solutions for voice, chat, mobile app, instant messaging, social media, SMS, and email.

Teleperformance is a partner of the world’s largest and best brands in the hospitality industry that are committed to making guests feel happy, comfortable, and part of the family. With TP’s high-tech, high-touch approach to managing interactions, guests enjoy the combination of cutting-edge digital technology with warm human empathy and expertise. Every person behind each call or chat actively listens and is enabled to provide the best solutions possible which makes the guest feel valued and well taken care of.

We at Teleperformance, therefore, offer organizations the best of both worlds – the right mix of technology and human expertise to support their brand’s drive to make their customers happy and reward them with memorable experiences that help them find their favorite hotel in every corner of the world.

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