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Teleperformance in the Philippines Cares about people and the customer experience

One of the most inspiring parts of our business is positive customer feedback, especially when it involves one of our remarkable employees in the Philippines! Some commendations may be as brief as “Thank you; you’ve been very helpful,” while other feedback may be more detailed — and deeply moving.

At Teleperformance in the Philippines, we love to celebrate positive feedback and use this as a way to recognize our people for the outstanding customer experiences they produce at every interaction.

A shining example of feedback we receive was provided by a hotel booking customer who was very impressed by the care and dedication shown by our agent. The agent handled the call during a very stressful time when the customer was looking to find a hotel for an elderly parent and move him from the path of an oncoming hurricane.

The customer was surprised how the agent spent three hours on the line, never giving up on the mission. He acknowledged that the agent was good “because he cares.”

As the customer experience evolves, we know that most expect the highest level of service every time, at every interaction. The ability to still surprise them with such genuinely caring service that surpasses expectations is one of the most remarkable traits of the people of Teleperformance in the Philippines.

We tell every potential client about our high standards. We have Teleperformance Operational Processes and Standards (TOPS) and Baseline Enterprise Standards for Teleperformance (BEST). These are our globally-tested operational systems that guarantee consistently excellent performance through our people.

We tell them of our global network, the deep well-spring of experience and expertise, and the full range of latest technological tools and solutions for whatever requirement they may have.

We show them the country’s selling points: 95% literacy rate, Filipino’s ability to speak English fluently with a neutral accent, and readily available skilled workforce to accommodate business needs.

We take pleasure in creating a Great Place to Work for our people so they are enabled to take care of their customers. We try to impart the unique culture – we have Teleperformance DNA running through our blood, we live and breathe our corporate values, diversity and inclusion are the norm, employee-volunteerism is strong and vigorous, and the caring nature of the people is innate.

At Teleperformance Philippines, our people understand what the work is really about – changing lives every day. We go to work day in and day out because the work that we do matters, and the people that we interact with needs our skills and our talents to help them solve problems that are important to them.

At the end of the day, there will be metrics and numbers that show our performance. Behind the numbers, however, customer feedback tells the deeper story of how our people truly demonstrate how Teleperformance Philippines Cares.

(Teleperformance in the Philippines Cares is our latest brand communications campaign, launched in 2018.)
Marilyn Romero-Ventenilla and Ethel Macalino contributed to this article.

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