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All Ideas Matter: A new way of inspiring innovation

People often talk about how innovation is a pivotal differentiator for businesses across all industries. We can see how emerging on-demand services dictate the future of businesses, governments, and humanity. The rise and fall of brands depend on how they are able to seize opportunities, anticipate trends and create the disruption in their industry.

Humans have been continually building upon what already exists, improving on what others had previously built. Amazingly, we’ve seen how one can dominate that which he or she innovates – and the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry is a prime example of this.

The story of the BPO sector is really about innovation. What started out as an industry built on the cost-management business model is now one of the world’s largest leaders in value-creation, cutting-edge technology, global connectivity and a transformational partner to some of the most innovative companies in the world.

The relentless changes brought about by digital technology points us towards a future that demands the seamless integration of artificial intelligence with human capabilities. Speed of response is as important as empathy, accuracy, and effectiveness.

Teleperformance CEO and Chairman Daniel Julien aptly call it “Assisted Intelligence,” the collaborative relationship of humans with the products of digital technology. It is the perfect way to describe how human agents are becoming more empowered by the technology to create customer experiences that go beyond expectations. From this perspective, we are keenly aware that we must depart from traditional ways of thinking and doing to produce game-changing solutions.

Traditionally, innovation and brainstorming may have been a few experts huddled together, isolated from the rest of the organization. This approach neglects the potential trove of insights and sparks of genius in a talented and creative population, rendering the rest of the organization to passive innovation-takers.

This view of innovation as reserved for a select few keeps the majority from becoming active innovators and fails to encourage open-mindedness, breeding fear and, potentially, resistance.

What we need is to think creatively about “how we do innovation” – we must enable everyone to be active innovation-makers instead of being merely passive innovation-takers. Our task as leaders is to build a community that nurtures the culture of innovation and value creation by onboarding as many people as we can and listening to as many ideas as we can.

An innovation-maker mindset acknowledges the specialization of experts and leaders, but it also acknowledges that innovative ideas can come from everyone, regardless of position and tenure. Further in today’s highly complex, rapidly changing business and technology setting, the best ideas come from those closest to the opportunity or business challenge.  This kind of innovation culture places a premium on the innate knowledge, talents, and skills of our people.

At Teleperformance Philippines, we encourage people to #Commit2Innovate and everyone – from leaders to agents – are enabled to create innovation through our All Ideas Matter (AIM) online platform. The portal is a direct channel to tap into our people’s drive to improve and develop new ideas for the benefit of our clients, customers, and people.

This approach democratizes innovation and serves to empower potential innovators by providing technical expertise, organizational and executive support, and incentives for successful innovation ideas. By helping everyone in our organization cultivate this mindset, we are enabling them to transition towards high-skill tasks which require creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking – the top three skills in this highly competitive digital world.

We value every individual talent as essential in realizing the collective success of the organization. Teleperformance continues to be driven by this forward-thinking that places people at the center of the organization and at the heart of innovation, and this is how we will sustain momentum and remain relevant partners to our clients’ growth.


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