What’s in our DNA? | Teleperformance

Think about this – when was the last time you’ve had a deep, fulfilling conversation with someone? Did it feel like you’re not just in the presence of a great conversationalist, but someone who truly enriches you?

We go through hundreds of interactions every single day. Whether it’s over the phone or with people we meet, a lot of these interactions are forgettable, or unremarkable at best.  Then there are those moments that stick with us because they affect us in a very positive and lasting way.

As we strive to consistently deliver outstanding customer experience, we want such meaningful interactions to become a natural, everyday occurrence for every member of the Teleperformance family. This is why we, at Teleperformance, uphold the Teleperformance DNA —a global effort that aims to personify and shape the Teleperformance Culture and make this identity uniquely ours.

This endeavor is closely tied to our mission of delivering an outstanding customer experience at every single opportunity, and the values of Integrity, Respect, Professionalism, Innovation, and Commitment that make this mission achievable. It is through our DNA, our everyday behavior—the real-world embodiment of the Teleperformance Culture that will truly enable us to give rich and memorable experiences to every client, customer, and colleague. So whenever we connect over the phone or face-to-face, we want people to happily say “That’s the Teleperformance way and no one else’s”.

Let’s rediscover who we really are and show it to every customer we interact with today!

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